EGO MENA - Thursday - February 20, 2020

Welcome to EGO

Have you ever wondered what happens to your business cards once you’ve handed them to your customers?
Do you know what your return on investment (ROI) is on your business card spend?
Do you know if your business cards support your eMarketing and online strategies?

The chances are that just like the majority of businesses you don’t know how effective your business cards are for the money that you spend on them; and yet they are an essential part of your business and your professional image.

At EGO we understand the need to know how effective your team and your assets are when it comes to your bottom line so we invested in a new and innovative South African solution, online business cards. With the EGO web card you’ll be able to measure the degree to which your customers are engaging with your sales force, see who’s networking the best, drive traffic to your website and social media, and you can do all this while building a powerful referral database for your marketing team.

We pride ourselves on building our customer’s brand by putting your business in the palm of their hand and introducing you to customers you haven’t met yet, so let’s connect!

The EGO Team

Why choose us

One of the biggest advantages of using EGO Smart Identity, is being able to use all of your branding and communication materials simultaneously. When you send a potential customer your EGO, they have immediate, one click access to everything you want them to see. From your website, to your social media, videos, contact information and even online payment options. The EGO Smart Identity self populates your email and calling numbers, so getting hold of you is very simple. Showcasing your special offers and particular posts on social media has never been easier. Many companies pour hours of work into updating their Facebook or Instagram pages, but have a hard time getting others to log on and connect. In addition to this as EGO is a Web based solution, the more often your card is viewed, the more your Google ranking increases. Companies spend large amounts of money on SEO to improve their Google rankings, we have many examples, which is now becoming more common, where our customers EGO cards can be found on the top of page 1 of Google. Simultaneously their company website rankings also improve as EGO simplifies the process of accessing company websites, which are thus visited more often. We train and teach our customers on how to get the best usage and benefits possible from their cards, this training comes at no extra cost. Our customers want their cards and businesses to be seen by as many people as possible and we teach them how to do this.

Our mission

We are living in the digital age, where people are seeking instant gratification. People now very seldom write out cheques, they pay via EFT, people very seldom post letters they send emails, so the question is why are people still using paper business cards, which have been statistically proven to be almost worthless and archaic? Our solution is far more than a mere business card it is a powerful branding, marketing and sales tool, from which customers are able to transact. In addition to this card holders as well as companies utilizing our solution receive valuable data and analytics, which provides relevant information enabling them to understand their customers needs better, their staff performance better as well being able to build up a healthy legitimate leads and data base of contacts and potential clients. Our solution is GREEN and environmentally friendly, which counts for a lot in todays times too.

Our vision

EGO is the only and most effective solution to lowering your marketing costs, exposing your company to thousands of new potential business contacts and interacting on a global scale, without the added costs of traveling, transacting or meeting with international clients.

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